Studio Caricatures

Studio caricatures are done at my home studio, and often involve me looking at several photos for inspiration, integrating the personality and hobbies or occupation of the model, and are more detailed. I enjoy doing these so much, as they are often surprises for a special birthday or that special boss. I love to see photos of the presentation and hear about the reaction. Also when you go to send the references on the quote page (to many photos just e-mail them separate at, please have the faces in several different angles, and close up. If you want body situations please either help describe or send a picture of that pose. Other details such as landmarks or other objects include them as well. Ask me about a studio caricature.

“Prices are just estimates and are negotiable, and will change depending on what it will be used for”

Highly Rendered Caricatures in Digital Medium

 This is my quickest way do create my high end Caricatures, but I treat the digital medium the same way as if it is traditional and the out come has the same look as if painted with traditional mediums, and is more economical. The reason I paint digital is to keep up with the tight deadlines of clients, and I am able to make changes easier




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