Tas Portrait

Hello and good morning!

I am every day greatful for what God as giving me, Grace of his only son dying on the cross, with my family, and the talent he has given me as an artist. I try to think of other people had how they feel about there family while I am was working on Tas. I am taking a class with Thomas Fluharty on http://www.schoolism.com and he teaching Oil Painting in the Dutch Flemish Approch! Here are some of the master to think of that painting in that way: Kramskoy, Bouguereau, Ingres, Rembrant. Those are some great references and I wanted to post it for myself to look back at and my favorite is the russian painter Kramskoy. Here is the sketch of my teachers Daughter Tas. 


Below here I have reference, sketches and the sepia tones:






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