Christian Website Illustrations

(Click on image to see the right proportions, Thank You!)

Even though I have been having some real challenges with this project,  the client Berkley Badger has been a true blessing, he has his certain visions and I believe we have together made what he has envisioned! I have had alot of up and downs as far as feeling thrilled about this project, but know when it is to a point where we are both happy, it is all worth it!. Most of the work has been spent on the crowd, which we went from really hellish type crowd to a more normal somber crowd. Most of the work was also spent in the value underpainting stage, the feet, hands and the crowd was the most time consuming, and then the coloring was added. The client wanted me to find photographs online to paste and use photoshop to paint into it and to make it all work. In traditional Illustration there as been artist using collages pasted in there work to make it a more real artsy look, and I believe that is what we have achieved?  Here is  the two final Illustrations and please make sure to watch the video I made with the vine of truth! I feel truly blessed to have the chance to help glorify God thru my talents! Peace out!

Vine of Truth


Here is how I originally wanted to paint the crowd in the front!


Pastor Lucas Hillman

When it comes to this awsome guy all I can say is amazing! I have known him about 4 years, and he just grows on me. I always wanted to draw him and while I was waiting in church for my wife to get done with their youth group leaders meeting I saw a really great photo of him (sorry my battery died so I couldn’t take a picture of it, soo I mostly finished rendering him from memory) He is the youth leader at my church, and has become a great friend, I had other work I should have been working on but I just had to get to certain point with his sketch. I hope I can revisit this soon, but for now here is Lucas Hillman youth pastor at my church Grace Christian fellowship and great friend!



Coloring collaberation

Good morning, here is a close up of a photoshop coloring I just did on top of another artist line work “Josh Mathus” (out of Europe). I was asked by my client from “Bass Angler Magazine” to color it and he is going to show recognition to both of us 🙂 I will share more once the magazine is out! Have a great day!

Humphry Bogart

I just wanted to say first say I am sorry I have not been posting much lately! I have been having alot of home improvements in my house, Bathroom  remodeling, re painting etc. I have some new clients from “FriendSend” for some illustrations of a globe with different main locations high lighted.

I thought while waiting on the deposit for my next assignment, I decided to try to paint sa classic actor Humphry Bogart. Still is process.

Ken doctor/chef portrait

I was really close recently to go back to Sweden Gothenburg where I grew up, but for financial reason again I was not able to. I will have to just trust that my lord and savior will provide one day an opportunity to go back after almost 21 years. Here is a recent commission I just did for a family that wanted to give it as a gift. I am in the middle of now painting my new Bathroom so I better get back! See ya all later and as usual comments are always welcomed 🙂

Proposal with a Caricature

I thought this would be fun to share. The other day I was approached by a young gentleman that wanted to propose thru a suprise with a Caricature. Here is a testimony (read more on from the Brian!:
“Lars was great I contacted him about helping me with my proposal while at Pier 60 in Clearwater. He was great! Helped me plan it in advance and his work was awesome! And she said yes!!!!” Brian Sharlow

Final (for now) Mike Oil Painting

I really had a great time with learning the Dutch Flemish approach to Oil painting with Thomas Fluharty on Here are the assignment I submitted and I had a really hard time trying get a photo of it with out a light reflection. I also layed the painting flat on the ground with the light hitting it on its left side just like it is in the painting. You can really see the build up in the high lighted area. Have a blessed day