Caricature done of Lars at the ISCA Caricature Convention 2011

In this post are the drawings done of me, at the convention. I will also scan these pictures in soo I can post them on my website. In the meanwhile here they are for you to enjoy.


Nathan Did this one of me he knows I am crazy ) he doesn’t know why he stuck someone behind me I think she keeped following me all the time soo he had her leaching on to me !)


Jimmy from Orlando Fl. was the one that did a normal one of me…classic!


Now Jert got the award for best Caricature for this one of me… maybe I was painting alot (I hope) Jert is a very awsome artist!


My first iPad Caricature…cool!100_1252

Lee Jackson did a couple and I was one of them , Thanks LEE100_1253

Paul from Sweden works as an artist for the Afternoon Blaget! I was soo happy to met a fellow artist and friend from my home country!100_1254_3 100_1255

Now Sran Gardner spotted my personalty, and with all my chatting (you all know I start talking crazy when I am tired) LOL

100_1256 100_1258

Matt zitman drew this kind of freaky picture of me. I took it as if I was having to many post on twitter, so I closed down my Sendible account (programable tweets) for awhile, all because of this picture. (I have mixed feeling for this one, but I will get him back next year!100_1259

This one was done of one of the Masters (I don’t remember the name please help me with that one thanks) This totally captures me and totally love it! 100_1260

Eve myles from Canada, had a whole under water them, and was included! Rock on100_1262

Beast draw me serving some sloop. he read on my face book that I am also a chef for a assistant living facility





  1. Joe says:

    The master’s name is Yuta Honma

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