Rodney Pike and his Depression

Happy Valentines day! We need to show a fellow artist some love today and that is Rodney Pike has some really awsome high quality digital photo manipulated Caricature work. Check out his Blog! He has a big following and I personal respect his work, but don’t want my work to be rendered in that fashion. I just think it is the a modern day collage type Illustration work, that really works in an unique way! I knew he had disabilities, but did not know how.  I received a blog post from the wife of Lydia Pike. This what I wrote (now if you have a fobia for Christian religious over tones be aware! LOL) :

“Dear Rodney Pike

I feel so much for your pain and depression. To be honest I knew you had a disability about the way you make your work, but thought it was something with you hands!
Today is Valentines day, and I hope you understand you are loved by so many!
In my personal relations with my Jesus, God puts me thru challenges in life just to test us and that we always need to glorify him, because of what he has done for us by sacrificing
 his only son in trade of washing away our sins totally white and clean! I personally receive a real happiness in life to create my work and make a difference in someone's life,
 and your doing the same thing! So bottom line is I will be praying for you to be able to kick the depression and realize there is alot of people here for you and that God is willing
 to give you that light at the end of the tunnel we all need! Jesus is coming back to put everything straight, so stay on your path and he will show us the way!
 Now this is my personal views of how I noticed a purpose in my life and if others are reading this please do understand I mean no harm! Thank You Lydia for sharing!"

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