Final Tom Gift Caricature

I feel totally blessed to have the oppertunity to give people a laugh with my work (I hope) here is my final on the Brother Tom from Australia. I wish I could do more, and I really do believe 590 of the work was in the underpainting stage which I will also show. Good night and God bless!


  1. Cool! I have never tried such a complex full scale painting type of caricature. We were taught to go simple and fast.
    What program did you use, a version of Painter? I saw a video of an artist doing a colored caricature in Photoshop, but my version doesn’t have the same brushes. How long did it take and how much do you get for doing one, if you don’t mind my asking?

    • Lars-Erik Robinson says:

      I just used the traditional brush in photoshop, and do everything in Value tones, and then use the color layer to add colors. Thank You! Prices are much higher for this detailed versions, and would rather not share 🙂

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