Retirement Caricature

This is a classic request I usually get for Caricatures. I usually try to discourage to much info because it makes the image a little cluttered. Alot of the 10 different details I used photos, and if this was not for a private use I would have copyright infringements. I painted into those photos, to change them a little. I don’t like to use photos is my art but the budget was just not there for a fully rendered detailed picture, but I still think it is strong! Here is the request from the client:

“She was an office manager, She loves FSU football, She love Elvis, She loves the pope and the Catholic church, She is organized, She is motherly, She likes Mexican food, She likes Jack Daniels, She DOESN’T like her husband’s dog – a golden retriever, She has one daughter and two grandkids – and she adores them all, She likes Snickers, She likes to bake, She is motherly, She is a non-traveler., She is bossy, She is ditzy, and She loves to dance.”

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