I wanted to let you know that updating two blogs became alot of work so from now on please go to my

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Thank You so much for your understanding!

Sincerely Yours, Lars-Erik Robinson

Here is the Latest:

I was thrilled to be asked by my friend Gina Jackson to do her and Matt Jackson anniversary Caricature, that they never got done at their own wedding from the artist they had! They do not remember the artist name, but I got a #gift #caricature of them now!


It is always great to hear feedback from clients: 

“Wow!!! Oh my gosh its so awesome!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! You are amazing!! I can’t wait to give it to him!!!! So much cooler than I ever imagined!!



Gina wrote: “So, I was kinda excited and had to give Matt his anniversary gift a lil early. (5 yrs on the 21st)!! 🙂 Huge shout out to our amazingly talented friend,Lars-Erik Robinson , for this amazing piece of art!!!! And to Matt who got me 2 beautiful pairs of diamond earrings!! Ahhh”

I am always blessed to be able to make clients dreams and wishes come true thru my art!



  1. Darlene says:

    Will you be at The community center in Largo anytime soon?
    I have been looking around for months, where I could possible take a few classes for caricature drawing.
    Would love some additional information
    Largo, FLorida

    • Lars-Erik Robinson Lars-Erik Robinson says:

      Yes just sign up at the Largo Cultural center and when I get at 6 people signed up we can do it! Or just call me at 727-422-0668 and we can arrange for a one on one class! Thanks

    • Lars-Erik Robinson Lars-Erik Robinson says:

      You will have to sign up at the Community center and once I get at least 6 people I will have a class. You can call me any time at 727-422-0668

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