Art Lessons

Teaching the next generation and current professionals is such an honor. I really enjoy sharing my techniques and knowledge of different medium, techniques, and styles.

Packages for teaching:

Packages 1) On location Classes.

I can come to your home, or location of your choosing, where I am able with my over 24 years experience with teaching the basic of drawing, traditional mediums of portraits, Illustration, to high end digital mediums such as rendering in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Manga studios, procreate, and sketchbook pro.



Reserve by Paying the non-refundable amount of $75 for a one hour class (minimum of Four hours) 


2) Critique Package ($40 First piece, $75 for Two pieces and $90 for Three pieces)

If you live far away and have work that you would like for me too critique this is a easy and cheap alternative! All you have to do is send the artwork by uploading on my quote request page. Please tell me what kind of help you would like .

What you will receive is a 10-20 video critique where I will go on top of your work and give you pointers on how to improve your work. (make sure to send work you admire or/and your portfolio so I know what your experience level is like) Please allow me to get the critique back to you in a 2 day around time (it might be quicker depending if you have a deadline, just let me know). I will be making a DrobBox file with your name on it, and I will send instruction on how to open it. I will be uploading written, and visual videos on that Dropbox file. If there is more than one piece you want criticized you will receive discounts!

Critiques to sign up for



If there are any questions just fill out the quote request page and tell me what type of level you would like to be taught in:

I also was contracted to make a series of short videos for Expert Village about various art techniques and subjects. Here are some examples. There were set goals and short time constraints, but they should give you some sense of my love for art, creativity, and enthusiasm for teaching.


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