Where can I see you in-person?

View my calendar, which lists all upcoming public events. I’m from Largo, Florida – so most events are located in the Tampa Bay area. I am often hired to draw caricatures at corporate convention exhibit halls in other states. Hope to see you soon.

Can I learn to draw or to draw better?

Absolutely. It takes practice and study. Technique is important, but learning how to trust what you see may be the most important part. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can practice on newspaper, paper bags, chalk-boards, scrap paper, and with the computer. If you live near the beach, like I do, do a drawing in the sand. I’d love to see your work, and can be hired for critiques and art lessons (online or in-person).

What are your prices? Can you do a caricature or portrait for me?

My prices vary based on the project. Yes, I do studio caricatures and portraits for clients all the time. They make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. They can be humorous or serious, and it always helps if you can tell me about the subjects and if you send a few photographs for me to study. You can contact me with questions or fill out my quote request form.

Would you come out and draw caricatures at our event?

I generally love every opportunity to provide my art-tainment brand of art entertainment. I’m located in Largo, Florida. so events in Tampa Bay are pretty accessible to me, provided that they fit into my schedule. I’m also willing to travel in Florida or nationally, but in many cases will request travel assistance as a part of the fee.

Why should you choose LarsER Arts & Entertainment?

First of  all we care about everything project small or large! You will notice a difference in either your Traffic building for tradeshows, entertainment value at parties, or retirement homes resident motivational will increase with the “Art-Tainment” (live Caricatures). The Studio work for either printed published work, to personalized art will either increase your look of your company, show a increase to site visits, or more products sold due to the dynamic art created! LarsER Arts does follow ups to see if the project(s) we worked on showed a profit, time saving, or satisfied clients! Please read the Testimonials to understand more