Mike the sketch first stage

Here is mike in a rough sketch and then more finalized value study prior to painting in Dutch-Flemish approach. I got some feed back and think I solved alot of the problems I am alot more happier with it, does anyone see anything to improve or make better? Thanks

Tom Waits Caricature Portrait

Here is a current Caricature Portrait done of Tom Waits for the Caricaturama Showdown group on Facebook. I had fun painting with Acrylics and tried to create a mood that is similar to his blues music. The original is 5-7″ on Canvas. I should have really tried to exaggerated alittle more to be recognized on this group, but maybe I wanted to do more of a portrait this time because I needed more for my portfolio. I hope everyone is doing good, and I always like to keep in touch.


Portraits are generally done in my studio; however, I’m also available to create a portrait with live models. The portrait can be a serious fine art piece, or more of an extended studio caricature. I enjoy capturing the personality, appearance, and emotion of my portrait subjects. I must paint you – Send me a quote request along with some photos.


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Agent: Marcin Migdal



A gift painting portrait to remember a family trip to London, England