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With my graffiti background I can really relate to having text and artwork together! My graphic design experience has mostly been to promote my own business, but sometimes I have helped clients with logos, flyers, menus, and page layouts. I like to do my own layout with the art and text provided by my client. By having me the artist layout my own art it will help make sure the image works good on the page and keeps the viewer interested and captivated.! I have done some work for clients and my self over the years, and here are a few examples: (I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, and PageMaker).

Graphic Design - Featured Image

Graphic Design - Featured Image

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Lars-Erik Robinson

I am an Illustrator, Caricaturist (Live & Studio), Fine artist, Portraits (Humorist/Serious), Muralist and Traditional sign painter, Concept and Fantasy Art, Character Development, Comics/Cartoons, Story Boards, Animator, Environmental and architectural renderings, Entertainment/Music/Event Organizer and Personal Chef and Catering offered . Me and my business of LarsER Arts is unique in that we not only perfected our creative services to fit what our client needs, but we also give you our client the personalized and friendly customer service that we feel you deserve. I enjoy spending time with my Family, (wife, son and two golden retrievers) movies, music, computers, drawing, painting and more drawing!

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