Free Art Demonstration for Caricature Class

This Monday on January 28th at 7pm at Largo Community Center, I will be putting on a Free Demostration on how I am going to tech my Caricature Class. There will be free Coffee and Cookies, So please come to 400 Alternate Keene Road in Largo Fl 33774. You will be able to sign up that night, but please spread the word for me, it would be a great pre-42 year old birthday gift to see a big turn out! Thank You all so much and God bless!

Ps. Does anyone want to help me video record this Monday night, please let me know if you could help, Thank you!

Caricature Classes live Lars

Call today to sign up today

727-518-3131 or call me 727-422-0668


Caricature Classes LIVE with LarsER Arts

I am very thrilled to be asked to start a Caricature Class at the Largo Community Center, starting up again in October 7, 2013.
Here is how you can find out more information
Call today to sign up today
727-518-3131 or call me 727-422-0668
“Caricatures Classes with Lars-Erik Robinson” 
$45 Resident with Cards
$ 56.25 Non Resident with Cards
$68.25 With out Cards
(Cards are good for both Largo and Pinellas Park)
Recreation Cards Cost:
$10 a year for Residents
$59 a year, $39 for 6month, and $24 for three months.
Mondays from 7 – 9pm
(Minimum of 6 students) 
*Call to put in a deposit
*Classes starting soon! 
Largo Community Center 
400 Alternate Keene Rd
Largo, FL 33773 

Read more on this on the website above or pick up the “Play Magazine”
I am looking forward to seeing you all there!

Thank you Eileen Crowell (arts coordinator for the City of Largo)

Here is my brain storm on the class:

Name: “Start your week out learning Art-Tainment (Caricatures) with Lars”
Short Description:

Week 1: First thing I will be all set up for a retail style Caricature booth with display and all. I would then draw a demonstration off a photo reference received from other fellow artist. I will have the drawing recorded and to be projected on a screen projector. They can observe the 5-7 quick Caricature in Black and white, and then another 5- minutes to add the color. I will then ask them to draw each other on the spot, get to know each other, and also so I can see the level of the students. The rest of the day talk history, foundations, and other links to references. Assignment is to do a value chart, draw shapes with shading in a medium of choice

week2: Have all your own sketch book to take notes, and sketch in to share with teacher. Importance of seeing shapes, squinting, sketching  from a photographs or the fellow student in front of you, critiques will be done with trace over lays by Lars.

week3: Demonstrate Traditional mediums, digital medium Caricatures and tricks in photshop for studio Caricatures. Home work continue to work on studio Caricature off a photo of a famous person or from photos supplied of my choosing. I will also be working a studio piece that you will be able to follow as the students work on there own work. Your final art work will be due at end of the month for grading.
week 4: I will continue to share news about the feild, share personal stories, work on private commissions right in the class that you will be able to along with, ask questions, while following my steps. You will be working on your final assignment in class, followed by me critiquing the Caricature art with a trace over lay or in photoshop showing pointers on how to improve. I encourage all my students to continue to keep me in the loop of your progress even after the class is over, but the further along you take the class with me the more advanced and harder the courses will be!

Sign Up Today:
Lars-Erik Robinson 727-422-0668
Recreation Program Manager-Community Center:
Warren Ankerberg
400 Alt Keene Rd
Largo, FL 33771
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Caricature done of Lars at the ISCA Caricature Convention 2011

In this post are the drawings done of me, at the convention. I will also scan these pictures in soo I can post them on my website. In the meanwhile here they are for you to enjoy.


Nathan Did this one of me he knows I am crazy ) he doesn’t know why he stuck someone behind me I think she keeped following me all the time soo he had her leaching on to me !)


Jimmy from Orlando Fl. was the one that did a normal one of me…classic!


Now Jert got the award for best Caricature for this one of me… maybe I was painting alot (I hope) Jert is a very awsome artist!


My first iPad Caricature…cool!100_1252

Lee Jackson did a couple and I was one of them , Thanks LEE100_1253

Paul from Sweden works as an artist for the Afternoon Blaget! I was soo happy to met a fellow artist and friend from my home country!100_1254_3 100_1255

Now Sran Gardner spotted my personalty, and with all my chatting (you all know I start talking crazy when I am tired) LOL

100_1256 100_1258

Matt zitman drew this kind of freaky picture of me. I took it as if I was having to many post on twitter, so I closed down my Sendible account (programable tweets) for awhile, all because of this picture. (I have mixed feeling for this one, but I will get him back next year!100_1259

This one was done of one of the Masters (I don’t remember the name please help me with that one thanks) This totally captures me and totally love it! 100_1260

Eve myles from Canada, had a whole under water them, and was included! Rock on100_1262

Beast draw me serving some sloop. he read on my face book that I am also a chef for a assistant living facility




This is my final for an Anniversary picture for my Chris with Quota Cleaning. I hope they will send me pictures of the art framed and let me know what the reaction was today at the party.

Kurb Side Catering with Chef Kurt

This was a really interesting assignment, because I used to work with Kurt at Frank Crum Staffing as a Chef and he was the executive chef and manager. They had cut backs and got layed off. Wow small world my fellow  face and body painting artist Christy Beem works at Time Out Pub in Seminole Fl. They gave me the exact pose to use ( another artist) and they didn’t want me deviate from. Well here it is a quicky 1-1.5 hours.

Ocean Front Magazine Sept/Aug

I just want to let you all know that I am really proud to be part of this great local magazine – Ocean Front Magazine. Geoffrey and Nelson Williams are brothers and decided to start this magazine. I really think it is great honor to be the only artist they used this issue. I really hoping to be able to convince them for a cover job very soon! Read their testimony on my testimonial section of

Studio Caricatures

Studio caricatures are done at my home studio, and often involve me looking at several photos for inspiration, integrating the personality and hobbies or occupation of the model, and are more detailed. I enjoy doing these so much, as they are often surprises for a special birthday or that special boss. I love to see photos of the presentation and hear about the reaction. Also when you go to send the references on the quote page (to many photos just e-mail them separate at, please have the faces in several different angles, and close up. If you want body situations please either help describe or send a picture of that pose. Other details such as landmarks or other objects include them as well. Ask me about a studio caricature.

“Prices are just estimates and are negotiable, and will change depending on what it will be used for”

Highly Rendered Caricatures in traditional and/or digital mediums




Gift Caricature Commission



Live Caricatures


I can’t tell you how many times I have met people that have seen me performing my Art-Tainment (Caricatures) at live at Fairs, Festivals, networking events, Birthdays, weddings, trade shows, reunions,or in life and remember that I drew their caricature recently or years ago. They often say that it’s hanging over their desk or in their room to this day, but also that they remember me because I created not just a quality piece of art but also provide a service that is fun and memorable experience as well.


We now also provide digital Caricatures drawn on a Wacom Cintiq Companion, printed either 4-6″ or 8.5-11″ (prices vary depending on size) on a Canon ip100 printer, and is shown on a display screen to help create a dynamic art experiences. Prices are a higher because of the extra cost invoulved with printing, set up time, and other factors dealing with technology investments. You can see some of my work below:


Watch Video: 2014-10-06 16.01.08


“Lars entertained artistically at the April birthday party at the Fountains retirement center. I am not an employee but attended with my mother. The residents who attended the party so enjoyed his art work and his lovable personality. He relates so well with elderly people and put a lot of smiles on faces that may not have smiled today. He also gave the residents a lot of laughs. Do hope he will perform at the Fountains again. The residents absolutely loved him.”

Susan Battisto
Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

I like to entertain a crowd while drawing and engage people even across a crowded room or field. How many drawings have I done? Thousands. People of all ages, races, sizes, and their pets too. I update my posterious site alot when I go on locations. You can find me doing live caricatures via my calendar, or hire me for your next event.

“Lars made such a great impression on my sales guys at one of our conferences that they told me to hire him going forward for every tradeshow we participate in, no matter where it is! His energy and attention to detail go above and beyond… so if you want to make a lasting impression at your next event, look no further and hire Lars!”

Cheryl Killoran Beaulieu
DST Output


You can also see our Portfolio which is listed on


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Live Caricatures - Featured - Image

Live Caricatures - Featured - Image


Make your own slide show at Animoto.

International Society of Caricature Artists - Logo
Member since 1996



Cartoons has always been a big influence in my childhood, comics such as Asterix, Phanthom, X-Men, and Donald Duck. I never really been a big fan of the more simple types of comic line work. I am really greatful to my new steady client – OceanFront Magazine and the newest edition of monthly Gag Cartoon with Johnson’s Strageties.


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Here are a few examples of my cartoons:

On Thursday morning I met with a client that wanted to me to create a story book for him to give to his wife, which was going to given to her right before she was going to walk down the eisle ( not sure how to spell that Opps). Bottom line is I was only given on friday from 2pm and till 2am to work on it, because deadline was after work on Saturday at 1pm, and they where going to get married at 6p.. These 10 drawings took me about 5-6 hours to create, and I am very pleased with the outcome. I didn't want to use markers soo I penciled in everything, and scanned it the front cover to be colored a little! I wish I had more time, and the client is a musician and wants to use me for other work (if I had a penny for every time I heard that)

Graphic Design

With my graffiti background I can really relate to having text and artwork together! My graphic design experience has mostly been to promote my own business, but sometimes I have helped clients with logos, flyers, menus, and page layouts. I like to do my own layout with the art and text provided by my client. By having me the artist layout my own art it will help make sure the image works good on the page and keeps the viewer interested and captivated.! I have done some work for clients and my self over the years, and here are a few examples: (I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, and PageMaker).

Graphic Design - Featured Image

Graphic Design - Featured Image

“NEWS” ~ You can also see our Portfolio which is now listed on

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