Kurb Side Catering with Chef Kurt

This was a really interesting assignment, because I used to work with Kurt at Frank Crum Staffing as a Chef and he was the executive chef and manager. They had cut backs and got layed off. Wow small world my fellow ¬†face and body painting artist Christy Beem works at Time Out Pub in Seminole Fl. They gave me the exact pose to use ( another artist) and they didn’t want me deviate from. Well here it is a quicky 1-1.5 hours.


  1. Jerry Wright says:

    Chef Kurt would like to get this caricature sent to him on the front of a 5×7 or 81/2 x 11 greeting card… How cool would that be????

    Easy to do with

  2. Lafontaine says:

    Saw your name on the ISCA forum and went to see your blog. Nice work! bravo!

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