With my early work including lots of un-requested graffiti, it was a natural progression to finally be commissioned to do murals and traditional hand-painted signage. After college, I began my ongoing work on commissioned murals. I’m happy when my work is still in-place for many years, and always enjoy being hired by past clients as they open new restaurants and grow their businesses. My murals and signs have been used to attract people to their store front “DD Collectables at the Pier in St Pete, Fl.” or G-Grill in St pete,. Decorations in there houses like cartoon characters around a pool, Business with photography studios, and USF fitness centers to name a few. I paint with traditional brushes, and air-brushes. Faux painting with various Textures and mediums to achieves effects. If you would like a mural, faux or signage, request a quote.

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